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How GST Works on Real Estate Now That HST is Gone

  Now that the HST has been changed back to a GST / PST model, there’s a lot of questions out there with regards to how things work with regards to purchasing real estate.  The following should clear up most questions.   How does G.S.T. apply to used residential housing? It does not. Used residential […]

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$10,000 First Time Home Buyer Bonus – STILL TIME LEFT!!

  If you are currently in the market for a new home and qualify as a first-time new home buyer, you may be eligible to receive a significant bonus of up to $10,000 from the BC government.  The First-Time Home Buyers’ Bonus is a non-taxable one-time payment to the purchaser and we’ve seen many happy homeowners […]

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Free Properties in White Rock, BC?

  Only 100 years too late !!  When I finish building my time machine, I’m going back to 1911 to take part in this deal!! Check it out!  

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Questions to ask before hiring a property inspector

  Hiring the right home inspector is important. After all, you want the inspection to leave no stone unturned when determining the condition of the house you are considering purchasing. Unfortunately, the professionalism and range of services vary widely in the home inspection industry. So it pays to ask the right questions before you choose. […]

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First Time Home Buyer (NEW HOME) BONUS!

  Following the announcement of the B.C. First Time New Home Buyers Bonus there has been some confusion on how the bonus will be paid to qualified applicants. The initial reports about the First Time Buyers Bonus were misunderstood due to what the Ministry of Finance call a “Poor choice of words” in the initial press […]

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First-Time Homebuyer Incentives: 2012

  At the British Columbia’s Budget 2012 conference today, the provincial government announced two incentives for the residential construction industry and its consumers: 1. A $10,000 temporary, one-time refundable income tax credit for first-time home buyers who purchase a newly constructed home, effective today, February 21, 2012 through to March 31, 2013. Details are available […]

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